Become the Industry Leader everyone wants to work with!

Be ready to become the Industry Leader everyone wants to work with!

It's time for you to become the absolute no-brainer choice for your ideal clients and an A-List entrepreneur who has major wealth, success, and influence. Stake your claim, make a name, and change lives in the process.

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Unleash your ROAR


Learn to create messaging that's so damn good it has people whipping out their credit cards and putting you on their vision board.

Brand Authority Archetype Quiz

Learn more about your strengths as a brand and get your Personalized Path to Profits that will reveal the strategies you should focus on to scale your business with major impact, influence, and income.


Learn more about our signature 4-step method that creates authority and allure to position you as a highly sought after industry leader.

the signature program for becoming a powerhouse industry leader

Authority & Allure

Our signature program will transform your business into an industry leading brand using our proprietary ROAR to Rich™️ Method.

This is the only program we offer that covers the ROAR to Rich™️ Method in its entirety, and it's a very holistic approach that combines mindset, empowerment, and strategy for maximum results.

You'll create authority in your brand, allure in your marketing, and a comprehensive business plan and strategy that's customized for your business.

Authority & Allure combines teaching, coaching, and consulting with a high level of access directly to Juliana for customized support.


Million Dollar Message

Looking for a "done with you" approach to messaging, content creation, and copywriting? This is perfect if you want high-touch support with your messaging, but instead of just hiring a copywriter you want to also learn the tips and tools so you can take over your own messaging or outsource to a team member.

In Million Dollar Message, Juliana will work with you to create psychology-based content and copy that captivates and converts.

In addition to the one-on-one support, you'll also receive cutting-edge marketing strategy trainings and our custom plug-and-play templates.

And the best part?! You'll get direct feedback, edits, and partial rewrites on any written marketing materials you create.

the mastermind for leaders scaling to 7 figures

The Round Table Mastermind

Looking for a high level mastermind to help you elevate into your million dollar empire?

This six month high level mastermind is for business owners who have already created over $250K in revenue and want to scale their brand to $1M+ in a sustainable way. This experience includes an intentionally curated community and elevated discussion to create expansion for all members, so it requires an application or personal invitation.

The Round Table Mastermind focuses on the mindset, embodiment, energetic management, leadership, and strategy it takes to scale a business to seven figures or more and is specifically targeted to entrepreneurs who have already achieved massive success and want to go bigger.

elite Membership & social club

Marketing Mansion

The hottest new membership and social club for elite entrepreneurs who want to elevate their brand authority , amplify their marketing allure , and network with other powerhouse leaders.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you understand that success hinges on your ability to stand out in a crowd. But achieving true distinction requires more than just ambition – it demands the right strategies, a powerful network, and exclusive insights that can propel your personal brand to extraordinary heights.

That's where the Marketing Mansion membership comes in. This elite membership has been meticulously designed to give you the competitive advantage you need to create authority with your brand and allure with your marketing, making you an irresistible and influence industry leader.

Million Dollar Brand Builder 🔥 Business Badass 🔥 Marketing Queen 🔥Sasshole 🔥 ADHD Entrepreneur 🔥 Enneagram 4w3 🔥 Cat Mom

As a Marketing Strategist & Success Coach, my mission is to empower entrepreneurs like you with the confidence and strategy needed to elevate your brand authority and amplify your marketing allure.

After working in marketing, sales, and social media for over nine years and spending countless hours studying personal development, psychology, and energetics, I've developed our proprietary ROAR to Rich Method to help you embody your powerhouse leadership, stand out in your industry, and attract the right clients and super supporters of your brand.

ROAR to Rich combines my expertise in brand strategy, marketing, sales, and multidimensional success coaching to give you a powerful transformation and results in your wealth, success, and influence.

I'm committed to providing an exceptional experience for all my clients and genuinely care about your success. I look forward to guiding you on your journey to dominate your market with a powerful and impactful brand.

ROAR to Rich by Juliana Frisoli

My signature Method

What is the ROAR to Rich Method?

The ROAR to Rich Method combines multidimensional success coaching with brand strategy and top-tier marketing to give you the most powerful and holistic approach to creating wealth, success, and influence with elevated brand authority and amplified marketing allure.

stands for...

Rewrite Your Story

Rewrite Your Story is all about changing the way you see yourself and deeply embodying the confidence and identity of the powerhouse leader who can create unlimited wealth, success, and influence.

  • Archetypal Embodiment & Identity Curation

  • Subconscious Reprogramming

  • Energy Healing & Coding

stands for...

Own Your Strengths

Own Your Strengths is all about leveraging your personality to stand out and succeed in business. We infuse your personality into your brand, your message, your business model, and your business strategy.

  • Craft a Powerful Brand Voice, Vibe, & Vision

  • Leverage Your Brand Authority Archetype™️

  • Identify Your Personalized Path to Profits

stands for...

Activate Your Allure

Activate Your Allure is all about having marketing that is so damn good that people fall in love with your brand and want to buy all your stuff. We focus on psychology-based marketing + your powerhouse personal brand to become an iconic industry leader who stands out and sells out.

  • Create Your Client Magnet Machine

  • Magnetic Marketing & Messaging

  • Sales Psychology & Neuromarketing

stands for...

Radiate Your Authority

Radiate Your Authority is all about positioning yourself as a well-known and well-paid industry leader while majorly expanding your brand awareness, authority, and affinity. We'll work together to make you massively visible so you and your brand get the recognition you deserve.

  • Expand Your Brand & Explode Your Visibility

  • Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

  • Elevate Your Authority with PR

I also just have to say...after 2 years of hiring business coaches and mentors, this is the first time I've felt like someone was speaking directly to me, albeit, through a course. There's so much concrete information here that just makes sense. It's not an opinion or a "this is what worked for me". It's literally all the answers to the questions I've been asking for 2 years, all in one place.

Lori Spillane ~ CEO & Money Mentor

Since working with Juliana, my business has really taken off. Before, I had a lot of freebie seekers but not buyers, but I've been able to craft a really powerful content strategy that has allowed me to book out, have a successful course launch, and create a six figure business. Working with her is everything I could have asked for and more. She really is there for you and knows how to support you, not just strategically but energetically as well. She is seriously the real deal in every single way and I'm just so grateful to be working with her.

Brocha Kahan ~ Business Coach for Music Teachers

Sometimes we need someone to support us with the same things we support our clients with. As an embodiment and confidence mentor, I was struggling with my own fear of judgement and it was impacting the way I was showing up in my business. Juliana was able to help me work through the blocks and fears around visibility. And that plus her support with marketing and sales led me to have a $300K year in business.

Monica Greco ~ Confidence & Embodiment Coach

Ready to work with us to elevate your brand authority & amplify your marketing allure, but not sure which program is right for you?

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Raise your prices and attract higher level clients through this innovative approach that mixes branding, psychology, and personality typing to help you stand out and sell using strategies you’ll actually enjoy.



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